Auto Rice Mill Plant

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An auto rice milling plant is a specialized industrial setup designed to handle the entire process of rice processing, from cultivation to the production of the final edible product. This plant consists of various components and sections that work together to efficiently process rice crops and deliver high-quality rice. The main objective of an auto rice milling plant is to remove the husk, bran, and impurities from paddy rice, resulting in polished rice that is ready for consumption.

Composition of Auto Rice Mill Plant

Silo used to store rice.

Lifting Unit transporting paddy from rice silo to the cleaner

Destoner Machine: To separates the stone from the paddy, ensuring a more efficient milling process.

Rice Huller Machine: This machine removes the husk from the paddy,  this rice huller machine is suitable for all types of paddy, whatever your paddy is long or small.

Rice Mill Machine: The rice mill machine is the core component of the auto rice milling plant. It performs the primary milling operation, which involves the removal of the bran layer from the brown rice to obtain polished rice.

Gravity paddy separator Machine: This machine separates the broken rice from the whole rice grains based on size and length.

Rice Color Sorter: Used to separate rice grains based on color, ensuring uniformity and quality.

Rice Polisher: Helps to enhance the appearance and luster of polished rice.

Rice Packing Machine: Used for efficient packaging of the processed rice.

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Auto rice milling plants come in various capacities to meet different production requirements. For example:

15T/D Rice Mill Plant: A small-scale auto rice mill plant with a capacity of 15 tons per day. It includes a rice huller machine, destoner machine, rice mill machine, and broken rice grader machine. Additional components such as a rice color sorter, rice polisher, and rice packing machine can be added based on specific needs.

30T/D Rice Mill Plant: A more advanced auto rice mill plant capable of processing 30 tons of paddy rice per day. It includes a comprehensive range of machines such as a rice cleaning machine, rice de-stoner machine, rice huller, paddy rice separator machine, rice mill machine, rice polisher, rice color sorter machine, rice grader machine, and rice packing machine.

Auto rice milling plants offer high working efficiency, compact structures, and automated processes, making them suitable for small-scale grain processing enterprises and rice farms. They are designed to streamline the rice processing workflow and ensure the production of high-quality rice products.

The advantage of an Auto Rice Mill Plant

The advantage of an automatic rice mill plant lies in its ability to streamline the rice processing process, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of the final rice product.

Increased Efficiency: Automatic rice mill plants are designed to perform various functions, such as husking, whitening, polishing, sorting, and packaging, in a systematic and automated manner.

Improved Productivity: Automatic rice mill plants have the capacity to process a large quantity of paddy rice, resulting in higher productivity.

Consistent Quality: The automation and advanced technology incorporated in automatic rice mill plants ensure consistent and uniform processing of rice grains.

Cost-effective Operation: The improved efficiency and productivity of the plant can lead to significant cost savings in terms of labor, time, and energy consumption. Moreover, the consistent quality of the rice produced can attract higher market prices, further enhancing the financial viability of the operation

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