Flour Mill Machine


Structure of Flour Mill Machine

Flour mill machine for multi-purpose pulverizer, you can grain all grains like wheat, maize, millet, rice, beans, etc. As well as you can grind spices like black pepper, turmeric, chili, etc.

Structure of flour mill machine

On the market, the most common mini flour mill machine is the tooth claw mill, which the advantage is designed with a simple structure, stable features, highly working effective, small power, etc.

The grinding machine mainly consisted of a feed hopper, rotor, grinding box, tooth board, sifting device, blower, engine base, motor/diesel engine, etc. After the grains are getting into the grinding box from the feed hopper uniformly, the tooth-claw slice constantly high-speed hit, and the tooth places a strong bump to break the grains into flour, through screen size to control powder size

Flour Mill Machine for Home-Use

Flour mill machine for home, normal, we suggest model 9FC15 or 9FC21, let me show you some advantages of a home-use flour mill machine

Versatility: the most noteworthy feature of a home-use flour mill machine is that it can be put to multiple uses, not only to grind grains like wheat, corn, etc into flour but also used to grind spices like pepper and herbs, etc.

Healthier Flour, Normally flour will lose its nutritional value over time, However, milling your own flour at home allows you to preserve the valuable nutrients in your food, making it healthier.

Also, not all grain powder you can buy in a store, but if your own one, you can make any grain powder you need.

And easy to use, 9FC15 and 9FC21 with 1.5-2.2kw, single phase motors can be easily plugged into any power source.



Flour Mill Machine for Small Business

For flour mill machine for small businesses, you can consider 9FC29,9FC35

Firstly, the cost of these flour mill machines is much lower compared to full-set flour mill machines. making it a more affordable option for those who are just starting out in the milling business.

And consider in In terms of energy efficiency, small flour machines typically have low voltage requirements, which makes them more power-saving compared to larger industrial machines. Additionally, small flour milling machines are versatile, allowing users to grind not only grains but also other items such as cereals and spices

Installation and operation of small flour milling machines are also relatively easy due to their simple structure, which also saves space

flour milling machines offer several advantages such as affordability, energy efficiency, versatility, ease of installation and operation, and accessibility, making it an excellent investment for those who want to venture into the milling business

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