Home use Rice Mill Machine


Home use Rice Mill Machine 6N40X

The rice mill machine is a piece of special equipment that is used for inspecting the yield of rice, and it is also a necessary brown rice whitening equipment for rice quality inspection .

Home-use Rice mill is the objective of the rice milling systems is to remove the husk and the bran layer of the rice kernel, which makes the rice edible and free from impurities.

The rice milling industry is steadily growing, and technological innovation and technical input play an increasingly important role in this industry. The rapid development of science and technology has highly promoted the steady growth of the economy. This indicates that the rice milling machine products are gradually developing into high efficiency, low energy consumption, and other modernized features.

The rice milling machine is a compact piece of equipment that is easy to operate and maintain. It consists of a hopper, a rice milling chamber, a discharging port, and an adjusting handle, etc. The rice mill is also beautiful in appearance and small in size, making it easy to move.


Structure of rice mill machine:

Rice milling machine is the most critical in the process of rice processing. What we are introducing to you this time is the most popular and most selected household rice milling machine. It has a compact structure: the feeding part consists of a hopper, Hopper seat, feed adjustment table, etc.; the whitening part includes machine cover, chassis, main shaft, roller, pressure, etc. – shelling and whitening will be completed in the rice milling room; the rice bran separation part includes separators, integrators, etc. The rice bran is separated from the white rice, and the broken rice will be separated at the discharge port. Not only compact structure, but also easy to install, easy to operate and many other advantages in one

the rice mill machine plays a crucial role in the rice milling industry. Its application allows for the production of high-quality rice and contributes significantly to the economy.

The benefits of Demeter-agri home use rice mill machine:

Suitable for home use, the output is 150kg/h, and some broken rice can also be screened out during the process of grinding rice into white rice

Replaceable power, when electricity is inconvenient, the power can be changed to diesel engine or gasoline engine

Demeter-agri Home use Rice Mill Machine 6N40X with 2.2kw,220v,50/60hz and 100% aluminum coil electric motor, the productivity of rice mill machine is 150KG/H, RPM of 6N40X is 1400-1600

Easy to operate, just connect the power supply and adjust the pressure handle to work

To ensure the proper functioning of the rice milling machine, it is important to perform regular maintenance and demount the machine in a reasonable order. Classifying the machine parts according to the property and precision degree of the material can help avoid damage to the machine .

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