Multifunctional Thresher Machine

Multifunctional Thresher Machine

A multi-thresher machine is a type of agricultural equipment that can thresh multiple crops, such as corn, sorghum, millet, soybeans, paddy rice, and wheat, among others. It is a versatile machine that can perform two functions, peeling and threshing, and integrates threshing and separating as a whole

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Multifunctional Thresher Machine Sieves of different sizes are provided for secondary screening
Supporting handrails for better handling
Can be used with front wheels to move the machine easily
Larger feed port, highly inclined, faster and smoother feeding
The extended fuselage adopts a four-axis high-intensity swinging hammer for cleaner threshing
Wind adjustment function, different crops have different proportions, and the height of the tuyere can be adjusted according to actual needs to adjust the wind force
Straw export will be screened again, if there is any grain that comes out, it will be directly leaked for secondary screening
Increase the vibrating screen, vibrate + screen, and perform the third filtration

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Advantages of multifunctional thresher machine
  • High threshing rate. the double screen on the outlet, a sieve is added to the lower part of the machine, vibration + sieve, three times of filtration which can make the final kernels cleaner.
  • Low loss rate. It is less than 1.5% and almost all kernels can be collected
  • High corrosion resistance. It enables machines to bear a long service life
  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient movement. With two wheels, the thresher machine is easy to move. and also we provide diesel frame to work with tractor
  • Multiple functions. Crops such as barley, millet, wheat, soybean, sorghum, and rapeseed are suitable for this machine which can be achieved by changing the size of the screen.
Specification of multifunctional thresher machine

Engine: Electirc motor 3kw, single&two phase / Diesel engine / Gasoline engine
Capacity: Corn-750KG/H, Soy/Sorghum-400KG/H, Paddy-350KG/H
Dimension: 1150*400*1100MM
Machine Weight: 75KG

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