Rice Mill 15-15


Rice Mill 15-15

Engine:Electric Motor/Diesel Engine
Rated Power:19-38KW
Power Input:380V/50HZ
Broken Rate:<2%


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Demeter-agri economy rice mill machine This rice mill machine is perfect for factory use.

15/15, 20/15 type combined rice milling machine is composed of cylinder cleaning screen, specific gravity destoner, rubber roller huller, paddy separator, emery roller rice mill, broken rice separator, lifting unit, etc. . It has excellent cleaning, brown rice separation and whitening effects, easy operation, convenient maintenance, high work efficiency, and less residue; this machine has the function of straight out brown rice, which provides users with flexible function matching. At the same time, this machine It can be used with subsequent rice grading sieves, polishing machines, color sorters, etc. to obtain more functions and better rice milling results.

Unique Combination Cleaning and Destoning Machine

  • The separate design of cleaning and stone removal is much better than the traditional one-piece design;
  • The cleaning part adopts a double-layer cylindrical sieve mechanism, which has high cleaning efficiency and cleans up;
  • The stone removal part adopts a large air volume suction design, with large air volume and excellent stone removal effect;
  • High-strength vibration-absorbing bearing configuration, smooth body movement, firm and reliable, small vibration, low noise, and less dust

High-efficiency husk breaking and low-noise huller

  • The dual-support mobile gearbox huller integrates the direction-changing gearbox and the mobile tension roller device, which avoids the problem of coordination and cooperation of the swing gears;
  • The one-time breaking rate exceeds 90%;
  • The life of the rubber roller is longer, the operation and adjustment are convenient, the transmission efficiency is high, the noise is small, and the stability is high.

Strong wind sand roller rice mill

  • The emery roller rice mill adopts a large-diameter hollow main shaft and “sand roller whitening” design;
  • Strong wind fan, low rice temperature, cleaner rice, and effectively improve the gloss of rice and reduce the rate of broken rice;
  • The operating height is reduced, the operation is more convenient, and the daily maintenance is convenient.

Stable Gravity Paddy Separator

  • Large sieve surface design, fast separation speed and even distribution;
  • The horizontal and vertical angles of the sieve surface can be adjusted, which is suitable for all varieties of rice and has a good screening effect;
  • The amount of husking is small, effectively reducing the rate of broken rice.

In order to obtain better quality rice, users can choose:

Rice Grading Sieve
The white rice grading sieve is used for grading the finished rice, which can be divided into three grades: first-grade rice, large broken and small broken
It is also suitable for the separation of similar granular materials.

Rice Polisher
This equipment is used to polish the white rice in the rice milling process, further improving the precision and smoothness of the white rice, improving the quality and commercial value of the rice, improving the antioxidant capacity of the rice, and extending the shelf life of the rice. It is the key equipment for producing high-quality milled rice.

Rice Color Sorter
The rice color sorter can effectively remove small disease spots, rice husks, grass seeds, yellow water, white belly, different-colored grains, mildewed grains, stones, etc., leaving the best rice.

Electronic Quantitative Scale
Sensors and pneumatic actuators are adopted, which are reliable in operation, simple in maintenance and free from pollution.
The casing adopts advanced plastic spraying technology, and the parts in contact with materials are made of imported stainless steel materials, with high hygiene standards, corrosion resistance, and long service life of the equipment. The reserved communication interface can realize data communication with the upper computer.

Products with functions such as automatic hot coding, automatic bag sewing and automatic thread cutting are optional.

Product Main Features of Rice Mill Machine 15-15/20-15

  • The overall base mechanism is convenient for transportation and installation, stable operation and small footprint;
  • Efficient double-layer cylinder cleaning can effectively remove large, medium and small impurities and dust;
  • The unique design of “surplus grain returning to hulling” improves the processing efficiency of small batches of incoming materials;
  • Innovative emery roller whitening, low rice temperature, less rice bran, improving rice precision;
  • Humanized technological process, simple operation, easy operation by one person;
  • Independent and safe electric control system, more convenient to operate;
  • Improved transmission system to prolong the service life of wearing parts;
  • Secondary rice milling, rice grading, polishing, color sorting and other systems can be configured to improve the quality of polished rice;

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