Rice Mill N110


Rice Mill N-Series

Engine:Electric Motor
Spindle Speed: 1100 RPM
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Voltage: 380V
Mill Productivity: 500-1300kg/h



Demeter-agri economy  Rice Mill with electric motor/Gasoline/Deisel engine for you choose. The Productivity of this machine is 300-2300 kg/h (milling). This Rice mill machine is perfect for factory use.

The major benefit of purchasing a Demeter-agri rice milling machine is its compact structure, which allows for simple operation and high performance. Demeter-agri offers the Electric Rice Milling Machine at the lowest cost without compromising on the quality of the product. This is further aided by some unique features offered by Demeter-agri Rice Milling Machine:

  • N-Series multifunctional corn peeling and polishing machine mainly has the functions of corn peeling, wheat peeling, rice milling, etc., with an external 7.5-11/11-15KW 380V motor, which can process 500-800/800-1300 kg of grain per hour (corn , wheat, sorghum, rice, etc.) is to enter the peeling chamber of the N-Series multifunctional corn peeling and polishing machine through the feed port. By controlling the feeding speed of the feeding port and the pressure of the pressure valve, a certain pressure is generated in the peeling chamber. The material is squeezed, rubbed, peeled, germ removed, black navel removed, and polished between the rotating drum and the screen, and the kernels and bran are separated under the action of wind to produce corn kernels (corn ballast), taking into account wheat, sorghum, The rice milling function realizes the peeling of wheat, sorghum, rice and other grains. The operation is simple and convenient. The built-in winnowing dust removal fan winnowing system collects the impurities produced during the peeling process and automatically separates the bran during processing.

    The discharge port of the peeling chamber can precisely control the residence time of other raw grains such as corn or wheat in the peeling chamber through the pressure valve, so as to ensure effective friction with the alloy roller, so as to obtain the best peeling effect.

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