The difference between flour mill machine

The different of flour mill machine 1

On our website, we provide 9FC series, 9FQ series, 6FP180, and 6FP180M flour mill machines.

What’s different between these four types of flour mill machines?
  • 9FC series

Most popular of this type, is suitable for soybean, chili, beans, corn, coffee, etc. Wide range of applications, the size of the powder sieve hole can be adjusted to control the thickness of the powder

The different of flour mill machine 9FC
The different of flour mill machine 9FCinside
  • 9FQ series

Most time is the same as the 9FC series, but the power is stronger, also used to crush straws, small wood branches, etc.

However, compared with the 9FC series, the powder particles of the 9FQ series will be coarser

The different of flour mill machine 9FQinside
  • 6FP150/180

With two types 6FP150 and 6FP180(only capacity is different), but this one also grinding soy milk.

While grinding soybeans, add water to it to obtain soybean milk.

This type of machine without a powder sieve, and the powder size can be controlled by pressure regulation. However, the powder size of the milled powder is generally uneven

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  • 6FP150M/180M

With two types 6FP150M and 6FP180M(only capacity is different)

It is more suitable for situations where wheat bran and powder need to be separated.

Like grinding wheat, wheat flour and wheat bran will come out of two different outlets.

The different of flour mill machine 6FP180Minside

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